The New Orange Bed Sheets Trends That Are Becoming More Popular

Posted On: June 15, 2018 - By Cabral

When it comes to fashion , bedding is just as much fun as clothing or any other type of fashion . The bedding fashions are always changing with colors , styles , fabrics , and any combination of the three and there are some big styles that will be popular going through the rest of 2010 . Let’s take a look at these and see which one might be the best for orange bed sheets you .

The first big trend you will see is what I still consider to be a classic , but it’s a country look with soft machine colors . Country styles are usually checkered patterns and some even use a heavy lace on the rims of the sheets . They get a touch up because of these soft colors which are typically light blues , oranges , yellows , and greens . If you like the country look them this is for you .

The second trend is bold stripe in bright colors . This orange bed sheets trend is actually used more on the pillows rather than the bedding sheets , but these can really look great . If you use a base color for the sheets and then have the pillows with all the color , they will really pop and look great .

The third trend that is a hot one for 2010 is metallic colors with traditional patterns which are typically floral patterns . The metallic colors really look great and if you want to step up the luxury of this look then you should use silk or a good satin . If you find the right retailer then you can actually get these with a jacquard pattern .

The final and most popular trend for bedding in 2010 is a simple and clean white style . The idea here is to get rid of all the extra pillows and the complex comforters and to just use what is functional and necessary . This also has a really clean look to it with some crisp lines orange bed sheets it’s something that really looks pretty and very popular .

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