Wicker Side Table: Favorite and Simple Side Table in 2018

Posted On: July 13, 2018 - By Aurick Bernard

Side table is one of the multifunction tables. You could use it as the coffee table or you could use it as the living room table to put the magazines or books. The design and the material used in making the side tables are various. One of the designs is Wicker side table that grows its popularity in this year. wicker side table looks very natural and versatile as the side table because the model is simple without too many details and patterns.

Wicker side table has variety of designs, you could choose based on the functions that you need. Wicker side table with drawer provide you storage to keep small things such as glasses and books. So, you will have space to store your things in the drawer of this table. The size of the side table is various, from small up to medium. The size could be adjusted by the size of the room.

Another design of the side table is wicker side table with glass top. The glass top will protect the wicker side table from any damage. For example, if you put drinks or food above the table, the water from the glass could damage the table because Wicker side table is made from wood so it is very risky to be damaged by water. The table glass table top are provided in round or rectangle design. So, there will be more choices for this kind of table.

Wicker side table is a good choice if you want to create a cozy and simple room. The design will be unique and different from the common side table. You could choose many different shapes and colors of this tables that will be fit with your room design. The maintenance of this table is also easy and very durable.

12 Photos of the Wicker Side Table: Favorite and Simple Side Table in 2018

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