Amazing small living room Ideas

Posted On: August 16, 2018 - By Alcott Fonso

Small living room ideas can make your family to be closer. Living room is an important room in home because you will spend your time with your beloved family there. You don’t have a large room? It’s no problem, it’s better than when you have the wide one but your family almost busy with their own business. No matter how small your house is, you should consider for having a comfortable living room. Of course the important thing is not the furniture but the comfort of your family. If you organize well your family feel comfortable.

You can put sofa and TV there, so you and your family can enjoy the free time by watching movie or another TV program together. Small living room ideas don’t need a very big TV, just 21 inches because if you put the biggest one your living room will look crowded. Choose comfortable sofa and put pillows on it.

You usually eat snack when you are watching movie together, so you need table to put some foods or drink. The table can made by glass or wood, but for safety you should prefer to put wood table because it’s durable, of course it also depend on the quality of the wood.

You don’t need to have AC because it will make the room very cold, but you can put a fan to get cool air, it’s more economic too. In the floor, you should put carpet. Small living room ideas usually located in the middle of house, it would be better if it is near kitchen and and dining room but dont too close with bathroom because it will make a bad smell. Spray the aromatic air freshner to make your family. Don’t forget to keep it always clean and tidy. At least sweep the floor twice a day and twice a week.

20 Photos of the Amazing small living room Ideas

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