Exterior Window Shades

Posted On: July 26, 2018 - By Alcott Fonso

Exterior window shades are window treatments that are usually hanged or attached to the exterior of the window . They are usually quite large to cover up multiple windows or at least cover a large area that will serve as protection from the heat of the sun . An external shade or awning can offer shelter for kids to play outdoors . They can be on open air and still be shaded from direct sunlight .

Shades Using Awnings

Awnings are much more effective at keeping heat out of the house than curtains or internal shadings , mainly because they stop rays before they even pass through the window . Studies show that it can be as much as 20 Celsius cooler under one than on the Sun , but it takes no college degree to realize that shade is better to stay in than the raging sun at 1 PM in the middle of the summer .

Shapes , Sizes and Types

Exterior shades come in all shapes and sizes , they can be manually operated or electric motor driven but every one of them serves one purpose ; they keep your rooms cooler and indirectly electric bills lower . During the summer you can stay under them during a quick rain .

Manually operated models need to be retracted when winds get too strong , motorized variations may pull the fabric back if they detect that certain circumstances are not in favor of its longevity .

Not all shades are awnings ; you can keep it simple and easy . External shades act like one with the only difference that they are parallel to the window they are on . This solution has its benefits over an awning . These advantages include less time spent on maintenance and a more reasonable space consumption

21 Photos of the Exterior Window Shades

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